Random Bars

by Senseless Beatings

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No project is ever finished.


released May 4, 2011

Art and Banner by Justin Brewer-Golightly.




Senseless Beatings Charlotte, North Carolina

Weaving together ephemeral semblances of meaning and vainly groping at values, Senseless Beatings is a musical project(ion) of people with no place to go. In spite of recognizing the vanity of their hopes (being-for-other-that-is-being-for-self), they wander about feverishly writing music that never quite satisfies their desires. ... more

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Track Name: Tomato Paste (feat. Jesse Powers)
Our romantic plans slipped away as our Camry careened into a rock.

We narrowly made it away with our lives.

Dasani and tomato paste weighed the satchel on my back.

From a thick and humid bush he appeared to me in a solemn rage.

Who's gonna drive me home, now?

And I wish that I had my lover back!
There's a tear in my eye every time I see his track!
Track Name: Of Lordship and Bondage
It's your sword at my throat.
Your cold steel breaks my will.
I'm scared to die.
What's it mean to be right,
if you're not willing to die.
I'm scared to die.
Now I see you're nothing without me.
I built your house with my bare hands.
I breathed your name into the soil.
I'm willing to die.
Now I see you're nothing without me.